Int'l Movie Posters Codes List

About Status:
The first two letters indicate the country the poster from:
(Remarks: It does NOT mean it is the movie from that country)
FR French
GE German
HK Hong Kong
IT Italian
JA Japanese
TW Taiwan
US United States
UK British

The last letter indicates other information:
O original (both US and HK posters are approximately 26~27 x 38~40 inches / 68~70 x 97~100cm)
R reprint
C commercial size (mostly 20 x 30 inches)
F folded (all posters sold are rolled unless stated with this letter "F")
L two-sheet (approximately 54 x 80 inches)
These posters are usually rolled and in very good condition (not mint) unless noted otherwise.
Q Quad (horizontal poster: 30 x 40 inches)