Japanese Program Books

Japanese Movie Program Books are one of the most popular types of movie collectibles in Japan. They are solely sold in cinema souvenir stalls in Japan during the showing period of the movies. In other words, they can neither be purchased from a wholesale supplier nor be obtained after the show time ends.

A Japanese movie program book ranges from 10+ - 80 pages, containing detailed information of a movie (in Japanese) and images (scenes and production photos). It is a nice collectible to be kept as it is always different with photo albums or “making of “books published.

1. Conditions:

Most of our inventory are directly purchased from the cinemas these years and they are all in excellent condition. If by luck we are able to obtain some hot titles afterwards through some other collectors, we check their conditions as ranked as below:
excellent brand new
very good near mint, may have some insignificant signs on covers
good minor scratches on the covers may be found, content in very good condition
fair used with scratches or significant wrinkles, in both covers and inner pages
poor used with damages, but with no missing pages, regard it as a piece of reference of the movie but not a collectible
very poor used with damages, with missing pages, do not buy unless you fall in love with the movie

2. Date of Issue and origin of a movie:

Not all movies in Japan at the same dates as in other countries. You can check the "Date of Issue" column. It is normal if there is a year or even two years difference for some films. The origin of a movie can also be checked:

Codes Origins of the movies
CH China
FR France
GE Germany
HK Hong Kong
IT Italy
JA Japan
KR Korea, South
TH Thailand
TW Taiwan
US United States of America
UK Great Britian